Long Term Rental


It is aimed at those looking for a new car with a management formula for a period of between 12 and 6 months.
It is in fact the new way of driving for anyone who does not have a VAT number.
You can request a free quote, you will be contacted in a short time by one of our specialized consultants who will be at your complete disposal
and will also provide you with information all the information you need for your car rental.

Have you ever thought about renting a car instead of buying it?​

Renting with us is ​è easy.

follow a few simple steps to rent your new car.

You will be followed by one of our consultants based on your needs.

You can now rent the car you’ve always wanted for as long as you want: in fact, it will be yours until you decide to change! Also dedicated to VAT number holders. This solution will guarantee you an always new car and many customized solutions for you and your business activities.

Long-term business rental is also the best solution for those who don’t want to deal with all the hassles associated with buying a company car and especially its maintenance. And also, for those who do not want to buy it.

Choose not to buy, saving onerous management costs. In fact, we’ll take care of road tax, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and tire changes. From today, enjoy only the pleasure of driving. In fact, you will have everything included in a monthly fee, even with zero down payment.

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