Felirent damage matrix and procedure 

updated 01/03/2021 


Normal wear and tear will never considered as damage. 

Damage definition and quantification has been done in according to the following criteria: 

Car Body: damages are quantified and updated in according to systems commonly acknowledged by the leading insurance companies, and based on the car manufacturers rate tables; 

Crystals: damages are quantified and updated in according to the price tables of the car manufacturers; 

Tyres: damages are quantified and updated in according to the price tables of tyre manufacturers. 

All amounts in The Damage Matrix are inclusive of labor, works and accessory materials necessary for the restoration, as well as the waste disposal. They also include the technical stop, calculated on the basis of the days required to repair the car (including eventual ordering time of spare parts) calculated on the basis of the standard Felirent daily rental rate. The evaluation of mechanical damage, multiple damage and damage not detailed in the Damage Matrix, is done case by case by Felirent after examining the damaged car and according to the type of damage; this evaluation also takes into account labor costs, works and accessory materials required to repair the car, as well as the waste disposal. It also includes the technical stop, calculated on the basis of the days needed to repair the car (including eventual ordering time of spare parts) calculated on the basis of the standard Felirent daily rental rate. 

The damage evaluation of the car body is done calculating the area involved in the damage measuring it with a meter. Damages are classified in according to the Damage Matrix here attached. Once the damage has been determined, in according to the above criteria, Felirent has the sole discretion to determine when to perform the repairation. 

Not chargeable scratch 

Consists in a single scratch, less than 2 cm, made on the car body, except of crystals, mirrors, lights, glasses, rims and tyres. 

Slight scratch 

Consists in a single scratch longer more than 2 cm and less than 10, or a single scratched area whose extent doesn’t exceed 10×5 cm. A single scratched happened on the following parts of the car: crystals, mirrors, lights, undercarriage, glasses, rims and tyres, even if longer less than 2 cm, is considered “slight”, so it is chargeable. 

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Severe scratch 

Consists in a single scratch longer than 10 cm, or a single scratched area whose extent exceeds the area of 10×5 cm. 

Slight dent 

Consists in a single dent whose extent doesn’t exceed the area of 10×5 cm. 

Severe dent 

Consists in a single dent, or a group of dents, whose extent exceeds the area of 10×5 cm., but doesn’t exceed a unique surface sized 40×40 cm. 

Replacement/breakage/missing part 

Consists in a damage which requires the replacement of a part of the vehicle, due to missing, broken or compromised; in this category are also included single or multiple dents larger than 40×40 cm. 

Interior, Mechanical parts, underbody and roof of the vehicle 

Customer is always fully responsible forr the economic damage caused to the rentd vehicle in case of damage to: the underbody, vehicle roof (including panoramic glass roof), mechanical parts, upholstery and interior finishes including luggage compartment upholstery, in case of theft/loss/loss of license plates even if you have purchased one or more service for reducing economic responsability for damage (Art 8 Rental Terms and Conditions). 


Depending on the coverage purchased at the beginning of the rental, you may not be required to compensate the damage caused to the vehicle, or you may be required to compensate only a part of the damage within the limits of the maximum amounts of the deductibles indicate in your rental contract and according to what set out in the Rental Terms and Conditions as well as in the Special Rental Conditions. 

Damage noted at check in time with customer present 

In case Felirent representative should find any damage on the rented vehicle at returning time, you will be asked to fill in and sign the appropriate Accident Report Form for the reconstruction of the incident, the acknowledgment of responsibility and the assessment of the damage found, in the event of an accident with third parties you will also be asked for any other forms (CAI) and / or reports drawn up by Police Dept. that may have intervened at the accident site. Following the above, Felirent will issue and charge your credit card an invoice for such damages, increased by the amount for the damage administrative fee where the quantification of the damage exceeds the amount of € 100.00. 

In the event Customer does not sign the Accident Report Form, Felirent will proceed as described below. 

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Damages identified after the rental closure and the vehicle returned 

If Felirent representative, at the time of the inspection of the vehicle returned, finds any damage in Customer’s absence (such as in the case of returning the vehicle out of opening hours or after washing a very dirty car or in case of return in the evening and/or in case of poor visibility or in the hypothesis of hidden damage not immediately detectable upon return or for other causes that do not allow the presence of Felirent representative and customer either, Felirent will proceed as below. 

We will request you by e-mail (to the address indicated at the beginning of the rental) or by letter (to your home address) to send us: 

– any accident forms (CAI) filled in and countersigned and not delivered to the rental office upon return or a countersigned report of accident with a detailed description of the event and also details of any parties involved. 

Also, we will attach to the request the following documentation: 

– Detailed report on the damage found on the rented vehicle and relative quantification through the Damage Table and / or estimate of repair costs including the damage administrative fee. 

– Photos of damages 

If you wish to claim the damage found or the repair cost, you can contact us by e-mail or by letter within 14 days. from the sending of the documentation. After the deadline has passed without receiving your complaints, Felirent will invoice the damage found by charging you the amount communicated on the credit card used at the beginning of the rental. 


– In case such columns on the Damage matrix does not show any amount, the amount relating to the replacement of the part will be taken into consideration as repair cost od damage. 

-In the event of damage to parts of the vehicle not listed in the Damage matrix, Felirent will try to estimate the damage immeditely if possible and then will charge the damage, otherwise Felirent reserves the right to keep an amount on the customer’s credit card up to maximum of the deductible chargeable and subsequently will communicate the right amount chargeable to the customer. 

-All damage amounts are to be understood as VAT not subject to Art 15 DPR 633/1972 


The customer who wishes to dispute the invoice relating to the damage found at the end of the rental could send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: customercare@felirent.it